No, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up


[This may be my favorite news story for all of 2010, even more fun for me as it happened near my home town,and it still makes me laugh to think of it. I mean, the idea of erecting a 62-foot plastic statue of Jesus along a freeway – just like a fast-food or motel sign – is pretty funny in itself. Then to have it struck by lightning and go up in flames? And for extra irony, there’s also a big flashy adult book and video store nearby, which survived the storms unscathed! I’m not sure why I didn’t post this immediately, though I was gone at the time. In fact, I was only a few miles from the scene of the crime (or was this an act of god?) when it occurred. But I had nothing to do with it, honest, and I have a nearly-airtight alibi, too! – LLF]

Video: “Touchdown Jesus” struck by lightning, burns to ground

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A large statue of Jesus that has been seen by millions across the country was destroyed by a fire late Monday night.

The King of Kings statue that stood outside the Solid Rock Church located on Union Road just off Interstate 75 is now in ruins. Only a few wire frames are still standing. (WDTN-TV)
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[Solid Rock Church. Was I the only one whose first thought was that they might want to put up a solid rock statue next time? – LLF]

Here is the video someone captured:
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Giant Jesus Statue of Solid Rock church Monroe …




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[I didn’t catch this, but friends said a Cincinnati radio station ran the 911 calls concerning the fire, with several police officers and the dispatcher unable to help laughing about the Jesus statue burning. So it isn’t just me. – LLF]

Selected Comments:

Caption: burning jesus ” WTF Dad? ! “

“Monroe, Ohio is also the sight of an enormous Larry Flint porn shop. This is like Hell’s interchange! There was much effort by local Christians to stop the expansion and building of these adult businesses about 8 years ago. These types of businesses have long not been allowed in Cincy. They are rampant in Dayton, and then Flint decided having a super store in Monroe, along the highway near several trucker stops and flea market sites, would be good for his business. Not so good for the soul of the region.”

“Father Rob Jack on Ten Reasons Blog commented that perhaps St Michael was aiming at the Hustler store across the street and missed …”

“Thank God for Nature’s good taste!!!!!!!!!!!!”

[And if you don’t already have this running through your head, here’s the perfect soundtrack for this post. – LLF]

YouTube – Paul Newman – Cool Hand Luke – Plastic Jesus


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