Why Wait?

“A king can stand people fighting, but he can’t last long if people start thinking.” –Will Rogers
I’ve been getting emails for a week or so, posturing about impeaching … the new White House squatter. as if our spineless “representatives” would even consider it. When we’ve let scum like Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Obama, and both Bushes waddle away, collect generous pensions and build their self-aggrandising libraries, who in hell believes we will ever hold any of these bastards accountable? Not that I would object — hell, let’s hang ’em all, heaven knows they’ve earned it.
But why have we waited for this latest affront to human dignity and intelligence to assume office? No wonder sloth is considered a deadly sin — infections never sleep, and we have let this pernicious system get away with murder and worse for far too long. So long that far too many of us just accept what trickles down in our faces … which is not exactly ice cream.
I hate saying “if only” but it does come to mind. My fondest memory from 1980 is of riding with a friend through a midwestern city, soon after Reagan’s revolting election … sometime between thanksgiving and christmas, always a dull and dispiriting time in such towns, even without additional political angst.
Suddenly my friend laughed, and shouted “yes! I love it!” and pointed to a warehouse with “IMPEACH REAGAN!” boldly emblazoned on the wall facing us. Still my all-time favorite bit of grafiti!
Well, we didn’t do it then and I do not expect it now. If anything, we seem less inclined to act promptly and in solidarity now than at any time I can remember. Because we have let those with power and privilege persuade us that our problems are caused by those with no power or privilege. How logical. I’ve heard that we can imagine the extinction of our species more easily than the end of capitalism. Because if capitalism dies we’d have to carry on? Are we that hopeless and lazy? Sometimes, I do wonder.
In any case, we’re already well behind the curve. Is there a constitutional procedure for repudiating an entire administration in one fell swoop? That would be a start. Just barely. I am aware of folks who secretly (andd not so much so) hope that he whom we should have no good reason to name, notice or remember will prove so intolerable that Isis, or North Korea, or Putin, or Mexico, or some militia crazies for whom even this level of stupid and obnoxious is not enough, might just obliterate our capitol city for us. I won’t go that far — there might be two or three decent folks in the area. Actually, we know that Washington is full of solid hard-working poor people … since our elites and their lackeys cannot be expected to clean their own toilets or collect their trash, after all. But short of drenching the entire Potomac basin with heavy duty fungicides … I imagine dropping planeloads of Immunox, like they dump water on wildfires … there must be a way forward. A way beyond a few under-attended demos, beyond flaunting a few stickers, beyond signing petitions and liking Facebook comments. That’s okay — but we know it’s not enough. Hell, corporate capitalism makes money even from our dissatisfactions — the smaller stuff they consider harmless enough not to criminalize and punish, at least. How do we not only survive this insult to all humanity, but work toward some progress toward positive change.
We know what is needed. Unity. The one thing those in power truly fear. They fear it so much that they spend money, lots of money, just to keep us divided, distracted, discouraged, and disengaged. We know they’re doing it, and though it is still damned discouraging (especially when so many of our brothers and sisters seem to buy the lies, and accept, even embrace, selfishness, greed, hate and fear as normal and good), we do know better. What are we waiting for, miracles? I won’t hold my breath.
It’s up to us to resist apathy and inertia. It’s up to us to refuse the kool-aid … and maybe spike it, with the wild notion that better things are possible, if only we get past fighting and blaming our selves and our fellow sufferers. And together confront those who benefit from our misery. Why the hell not? Who wants to die with the TV remote in our hands, or waggling our thumbs on a fresh tweet?


About l. l. frederick

I'm pretty ordinary, so I find any number of things in the world interesting, among them: books, music, flowers, food, social justice, politics and (sometimes!) people. As for my writing, I've decided that I can be subtle and tasteful when our only problems are esthetic ones. Or when I'm dead, whichever comes first. In the meantime, read at your own risk.
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12 Responses to Why Wait?

  1. You’ve said it all, Linda. All I can say – eloquently argued!

    • Carol, You’re always too kind, but thanks for your generous comment! Now I just need to come up with a gentle, peaceful, respectful way to cclub folks over the head and beat some sense into them! How tough could that be? – Linda

      • Honestly, I’ve been thinking about community dialogue series as a way to build mutual understanding on a local level. Trouble is the community leaders here only want to talk without listening to anything others have to say. So I guess that where the clubs come in?

        • I know it’s wrong, but I’m impatient, and … perhaps from my savage appalachian ancestry? … clubs do sound like the way to go. Of course, if we force people into things, they can be forced into other things, by those with bigger clubs. Sigh. Back to the drawing board!
          Guess it’s not reasonable to expect us to transcend so many eons of hierarchy all at once. But when dialogue and consensus make so much sense, well, as I said, I do get impatient!

  2. sojourner says:

    Trump is just the symptom, this system of government and economics is the virulent disease. And until we the individuals come to understand this, collectively, these asshole pigs, and their ‘elected’ stooges, will continue to rape and pillage us and the rest of the world.

    I have no pity for the far-left. None. We’ve had eight years of Cheney/Bush in the form of Obama. And the out-of-work class has had enough. This, and the fact that Hillary referred to them as ” the deplorables”, was enough for these folks to go for Trump. And I can’t say I blame them. The French had the same response to “Let them eat cake”!

    Anyway, I understand what you’re saying here, believe me!

    • Sojourner, Sure, we know what’s behind that curtain, Toto. Near enough. A cynical, corrupt system that does not give a shit about human needs and human welfare. It is extra-offensive though when they don’t even bother giving us plausible figureheads. I know it’s childish to react to that, but hard to resist, for me anyway. I do not blame anyone for wanting something better — I’m sure Germans were fed up in 1933 as well. I’m also sick of the same-old corporate lackeys … I just don’t see this debacle as progress. I’m not always sure our power elites aren’t just seeing how much shit we will swallow, how far they can push us before we say enough already. And those who expect this round will not be run for and by the same $$$$$$ obscene $$$$ as before will be bitterly disappointed. Will that help us see how screwed we are? Time will tell.
      See? Now we’re hooked, we have to stick around to see what happens next. Thanks for your thoughts and comments, always. – Linda

      • sojourner says:

        “I know it’s childish to react to that, but hard to resist, for me anyway.”

        It’s anything but childish, Linda, it’s rational that we should feel this way. We were raised up to believe in this government, in almost a religious sense, and now we can see it for the lie it has always been.

        I agree with all you wrote here!

  3. Very well expressed thoughtful post, Linda. I think you’re right – impeachment is very unlikely. I think the people are making a good start in taking events into their own hands – particularly the disgruntled federal employees who have taken things into their own hands by starting their own Twitter feeds – altNSA, altNationalParkService, AltDOJ, AltCDC, AltNIH – the US Navy has even set up a Facebook pages disputing Trump’s claims about clean energy.

    • A government in exile? Could be. At least these may be people with some concern for the country, more than we seem to have otherwise.
      Maybe you can explain a point that’s always baffled me. Our right-wingers for lack of a better term have claimed loud and long that government is the problem, they don’t believe in government, and so on. While they do everything possible to take over our government. Do they not mean what I think they’re saying, or do they have a love-hate thing going on? And of course the idea of anarchism makes them foam at the mouth. Don’t anarchists also oppose government? I’m confused!
      Or maybe not … but I could be over-simplifying to assume as I do that most of this shit is just cynical rhetoric to gain power and money. Wherever the truth lies, thanks as always for your good comments! – Linda

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