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Mommy Drives the Car

My stepdaughter’s girls always want to play my guitar. Since the older one is just now eight, I’ve never been eager to allow too much of this. Guitars are big, slippery, fragile things, compared to tiny, not always gentle girlies. … Continue reading

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Sancho and Lefty

Wonder what this means. With apologies to Townes van Zandt, I woke up today with this verse stuck in my head: “All the corporations say, They’re gonna crush us any day. They’ve only let us go so long Out of … Continue reading

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Still the Doormat of the World

[It’s like deja-vu dark ages all over again… And how do we fight stealth/bubonic plague rat equivalents like this? It’s not even as if this is the only front to man or woman these days. — LLF] +++++++++++++ Crooks and … Continue reading

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