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Homeland Security

Long ago and far away, when I could still get my stepdaughter’s Miriam to nap, I would often sing as I coaxed her to sleep. ‘Rock-a-bye Baby’, ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and her favorite ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’. (She even … Continue reading

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Is Nothing Sacred

Can it really be 37 years since the first Ramones album came out? Maybe so. No matter, I am still not ready to hear “I Wanna Be Sedated” while walking through the supermarket, that’s just way too weird!! And wrong. … Continue reading

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A Not So Rare Earth?

“If being green was easy (and obscenely profitable!!) even Monsanto and the Koch brothers might try it.” – LLF Did you see they’ve discovered another system with Earth-like planets in it? It’s looking as if we may not be the … Continue reading

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It Only Looks Like Hypocrisy

And all brought to us by the country that preaches so loudly to other nations about our love of freedom, justice, and the importance of respecting human rights. Hope I live long enough to see us come a little closer … Continue reading

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Indeed, “bipartisan” has been sounding a lot like a euphemism for class warfare for a while now. I hate euphemisms. The point of them is never to improve our objectionable behavior, but to make it seem more palatable by calling … Continue reading

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Chutzpah to the Nth Power

I keep half-expecting my people to become so indignant over rampant corporate rape and plunder, indifference to human needs and suffering, and outright and unabashed contempt for ordinary people that we will see gibbets and guillotines being erected in the … Continue reading

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