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No, You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Touchdown_jesus.jpg? [This may be my favorite news story for all of 2010, even more fun for me as it happened near my home town,and it still makes me laugh to think of it. I mean, the idea of erecting … Continue reading

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Women and Children First?

[You know, sometimes it seriously seems that, if it were not for hypocrisy, we might have no character whatever as a nation. Grown politicians foam at the mouth and faint at even a suspicion that someone somewhere might be having … Continue reading

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Jailhouse Dog

I’ve been watching my stepdaughter’s three-year-old recently, and among other tasks this involves playing several roles through the day. I may be a baby or a monster, a pirate or our Princess’ personal assistant. Often enough I’m a willful kitten, … Continue reading

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