Thursday Themes

Well how embarrassing, I didn’t expect this — my luck’s run out. Despite years spent or misspent listening to music, I couldn’t come up with a single ‘Thursday’ song title or lyric on my own. So, as is my wont, I cheated and looked some up. It’s too soon to claim any new favorites here, but these should get us through the day.

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Waltzing Through Wednesday

Wednesday’s child is full of woe? Maybe so. You do sense some melancholy running through today’s selections. This is the emotional ebb tide of the week in a way, before the hopeful surge toward the weekend. With no good rhymes for it either. Or is that just lazy me, rationalizing throwing in an ash wednesday song? Not to mention the extra tune that just feels like Wednesday to me, and seems to follow from John Lee Hooker’s stark, sad musings.

Searching Youtube for songs is a definite downer these days, a less than subtle reminder of our place in the imperial corporate capitalist pecking order. At rock bottom, that is, good little serfs patiently skipping or sitting through ads ad tedium before our videos run. Ad nauseum as well, with insulting in-your-face campaign spots everywhere. Even in the middle of a movie I watched the other day, don’t remember that happening before. Guess we’re just lucky they can’t yet tap into all the tunes playing in our heads! Not yet … as far as I know.

Also, I meant to include the Beatles’ ‘She’s Leaving Home’ for its “Wednesday morning at five o’clock as the day begins” opening line. But guess what? No Beatles. At least not in the first twelve pages of search results. Sure, we can choose from:
Vocal covers by everyone from anonymous uploaders to Bryan Ferry and Kate Bush. I didn’t see any by Kathryn Hepburn or Louis Armstrong, but who knows.
Plenty of how-to lessons for playing it on guitar, piano, and (probably) xylophone.
One supposed to be a Motown version — Paul’s vocal over a Barry White-ish backing.
Another called a Bee Gees (or Alvin & the Chipmunks) rendition — simply played at double speed. How cute.
Saw one titled ‘She’s Leaving Home Backwards’ … I didn’t check, it might be demon-possessed.
Several syrupy lullaby versions … about a kid leaving home? What’s that, wishful thinking for parents with a squalling little wide-awake monster?
Karaoke versions … the very thing to liven up your next party.
Instrumentals, everything from harp to bagpipe to ukulele. Okay, I made up the bagpipes, but I’m sure it’s out there somewhere!
But no Beatles. Nada. ‘All You Need Is Love’ was sarcasm, I guess. Hell, I don’t even like the damn song much, especially now! Intellectual property owners have rights, not us. Oh well, hope you enjoy some of the music, anyway. At least, we’re more than halfway through the week now!

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Tunes on Tuesday

I notice there may not be so many songs about Tuesday. Perhaps it’s like a middle child, getting ignored in a large family? And music is pretty much geared for the weekend, while Tuesday is just there to slog through. Seems like there might be a blues for that, but I can’t think of one, except ‘Stormy Monday’ … they call me stormy Monday / but Tuesday’s just as bad … and I’ve already used it. Today’s pick may be ‘Taco Tuesday’– who could resist lyrics like:

“It’s taco Tuesday / So we say hooray!
As the kazoos play / Because it’s taco Tuesday!
It doesn’t matter if you’re from Peru / Or maybe Timbuktu, or Kalamazoo
Here’s the thing to do / Go invite your crew
And grab a taco or two / For you to bite or chew.”

Getting hungry yet? It’s done by (I’m not making this up) Transylvania Petting Zoo … so, would they have vampire bats in one of those? … Ahem. Sorry about that — time to get on to the music.

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Monday Medley … Or Muddle?

This is awkward. Here I’ve found a bushel of Monday-themed music to post, even ‘Welcome to the Working Week’. And then it kicked in … Linda, this is Labor Day, not just another Monday! I did know that, yet it somehow slipped my so-called mind for a while. Though like most of our holidays it’s far more of a cheap political gesture, and a handy prop to help sell us more shlock we don’t need. As I understand it, Labor Day was intended from the beginning to appease widespread unhappiness and unrest among working people, to forestall European-style “radical” revolt against Gilded-Age oppression. It also gave the bosses and their tame politicians a chance to show up at company picnics and say how great ordinary americans were, the backbone of the nation, the salt of the earth, blah-blah-blah. And of course to extol the value and dignity of hard work. Never mind, that’s another rant.

So now what do I do? Wait for next Monday to continue my lame music series? Nah … I’ll just add a Labor Day song to the mix. Funny thing though, I couldn’t find any good ones. Ah, but I know several about work and the working class, they’ll do. Isn’t that what Mondays are for, getting on with the job?


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Songs for Sunday

It’s odd, but I suddenly felt the urge to look up songs mentioning days of the week. (So all right, I will obviously do most anything to avoid real work, give me a break.) And it’s surprising how much I found. Maybe musicians are apt to be on the road so often they’re not always sure where they are or what day it is when they wake up? Smart phones may soon put an end to such temporal confusion. But for now, we have quite a selection of day-by-day music.

Never fear, I won’t inflict everything on you, not even close. Don’t like my choices? I might take requests, and I do welcome suggestions. Well … maybe. I’ve heard ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ too much already, and never liked the Doobies’ ‘Another Park, Another Sunday’ in the first place. Morrissey’s ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’ is at least as bad as I remembered, his stuff never works for me. But other than that … a sunny Sunday in September … things could be worse. Like tomorrow … when it’s Monday all over again.


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Tasteless Sells … and So Does Heartless

“Concerning the difference between man and the jackass: some observers hold that there isn’t any. But this wrongs the jackass.” –Mark Twain
“I know that there are people who do not love their fellow man, and I hate people like that!” –Tom Lehrer
Can you believe this unspeakable shit? Well … in today’s world … hell yes, this was almost predictable. Running true to form, Florida’s infamous George Zimmerman wants to sell a gun. Yes, that gun — the one he used to kill an unarmed young man. Such is his claim, at least — for all we know, he may be selling 47 of them, in the entrepreneurial spirit … like the millions of board-feet of “splinters of the true cross” distributed thus far.
Indeed, the only surprise here may be that numerous indignant folks are making spurious protest bids on this obscene relic, with one for over $65 million reported in the article below. Still, some bids are bound to be real, and eventually some sick son of a bbitch will get the damned gun. And proudly shlep it to Klan meetings and gun shows for the rest of his life? I suppose we should be happy that Zimmerman isn’t donating it to the Smithsonian. Or keeping it handy for the next time he feels threatened by children. But don’t worry, he does have noble plans for “some of the proceeds” as quoted below.
When I read the story, I lost it,and immediately wanted to track down, curse and kill everyone involved in this depraved memorabilia sale — the shameless seller, the self-serving gun group hosting the auction, the vicious would-be buyers, and the craven media legitimizing it as just another news item. None of them ever would be missed!
And I know better, or I should. I know that encouraging us to hate and fear damn near everything serves the interests of our privileged power elites. I’m aware that we are systematically and cynically bombarded with lies and distortions meant to foster greed, selfishness, cruelty and contempt for others. I know that we have all been thoroughly conditioned to believe violence is the answer to everything. And we see what a wonderful world this has given us.
Yes, I do know better. But damn it, it’s still hard to feel much compassion for my deluded brothers and sisters when they’re this hateful and obnoxious! Give me strength, and WAY!! more patience!


George Zimmerman’s 2nd Gun Auction Draws $65 Million Bid, but It’s Probably Fake
The New York Times

May 13, 2016
The online auction of the firearm George Zimmerman used in 2012 to kill Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, appeared to have been hijacked by trolls and pranksters as the website hosting the event showed that bids had reached more than $65 million.
A top bidder on the United Gun Group website, where the auction had been posted since Thursday afternoon, used the screen name “Racist McShootface,” though it was later deleted, The Associated Press reported.
Other bidder screen names included “Donald Trump” and “Tamir Rice,” the name of a black 12-year-old boy who was shot and killed by the Cleveland police in 2014 while playing with a pellet gun.
By 9 a.m. Eastern on Friday, Mr. Zimmerman’s auction showed 1,109 bids on the gun — a 9-millimeter Kel-Tec PF-9 pistol — with the last bidder’s name listed as “Craig Bryant” and the current price set at $65,039,000. The auction ends in about five days, the website showed.
Bidding on the pistol began at $5,000 around noon on Thursday, but the bidders’ identities have been questioned as the United Gun Group site has been criticized online for capitalizing on a child’s murder. The site has defended itself as a neutral marketplace.
block quote
FYI, United Gun Group is a free service, we are not being compensated for allowing members to utilize our system.
— United Gun Group (@UnitedGunGroup) May 12, 2016
block quote end
The announcement of the sale by Mr. Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted of murder charges in the killing of Mr. Martin, 17, in Sanford, Fla., set off a torrent of denunciations and reinvigorated national scrutiny of the case.
Initial efforts to sell the gun fizzled. A listing for the weapon first appeared on the auction website, but it was removed, replaced by a note that said, “Sorry, but the item you have requested is no longer in the system.”
The sale was then transferred to United Gun Group’s website, which describes itself on its Twitter account as “the fastest-growing social marketplace dedicated to the firearms community.”
United Gun Group had initially advertised the sale of the gun at on its own Twitter account, and later hosted the auction.
block quote
The gun that shot Trayvon Martin is being auctioned off.
— United Gun Group (@UnitedGunGroup) May 12, 2016
block quote end
For Mr. Zimmerman, 32, the announcement of the sale was the latest act that has attracted national scrutiny and outrage, including his retweeting of an image of Mr. Martin’s corpse. He said that the firearm had recently been returned to him by the Justice Department and that he hoped to use some of the proceeds to fight violence against law enforcement officers by members of Black Lives Matter; to ensure “the demise” of the career of Angela Corey, the prosecutor who put him on trial; and to counter Hillary Clinton’s “anti-firearm rhetoric.”
Benjamin L. Crump, a lawyer for Mr. Martin’s parents, said the family was appalled.
“It’s insulting,” Mr. Crump said. “To everybody else — the public, the media — it’s a hashtag, it’s a cause, it’s a news story. To them, that’s their child.”

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A May Day Mayday

Take Heart!

“Poor folks ain’t got a chance, unless we organize.” –Florence Reece

And many of our world’s working people still understand this rock-bottom truth. Solidarity forever, my brothers and sisters! We can never cease to struggle for justice and human rights for everyone.


Published on Thursday, May 1, 2014 by Common Dreams
World’s Workers Rise Up in Celebration and Protest on May Day
Demanding dignity and end of economic status quo that undermines labor rights and fair treatment, world’s labor force celebrates and activates
– Common Dreams staff
In marches and street demonstrations, people across the world on Thursday were marking May Day, or International Labor Day, by demanding better treatment of working people and union members as they also called for respect of democratic freedoms and equal rights.
* In Turkey, thousands of people defied new laws barring unauthorized public protest and took to the street in Istanbul where…

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