Tunes on Tuesday

I notice there may not be so many songs about Tuesday. Perhaps it’s like a middle child, getting ignored in a large family? And music is pretty much geared for the weekend, while Tuesday is just there to slog through. Seems like there might be a blues for that, but I can’t think of one, except ‘Stormy Monday’ … they call me stormy Monday / but Tuesday’s just as bad … and I’ve already used it. Today’s pick may be ‘Taco Tuesday’– who could resist lyrics like:

“It’s taco Tuesday / So we say hooray!
As the kazoos play / Because it’s taco Tuesday!
It doesn’t matter if you’re from Peru / Or maybe Timbuktu, or Kalamazoo
Here’s the thing to do / Go invite your crew
And grab a taco or two / For you to bite or chew.”

Getting hungry yet? It’s done by (I’m not making this up) Transylvania Petting Zoo … so, would they have vampire bats in one of those? … Ahem. Sorry about that — time to get on to the music.


About l. l. frederick

I'm pretty ordinary, so I find any number of things in the world interesting, among them: books, music, flowers, food, social justice, politics and (sometimes!) people. As for my writing, I've decided that I can be subtle and tasteful when our only problems are esthetic ones. Or when I'm dead, whichever comes first. In the meantime, read at your own risk.
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2 Responses to Tunes on Tuesday

  1. sojourner says:

    How about Tuesday Weld, Linda? Oh no, wait, she’s an actress!

    Mia Culpa!;-)

    • Sojourner, ‘Mia culpa’? Who’s that, another actress? Hey, it’s all show bizz, right? And while searching I did see a group called The Real Tuesday Weld — close enough for blogging? Thanks for your comment! – Linda

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