Gone With the Wind? If Only!

“This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly; it should be thrown with great force.” –Dorothy Parker

Okay, I’ve had enough. And then some! After a week off the grid, I’m still galloping in my hamster wheel in a vain dash to catch up. So I’ve resisted posting lately, feeling short on time and energy. And this piece is trivial, albeit emblematic, with all that’s happening in the world.

But damn it to hell, people can (and do!) seriously piss me off, even when they’re not really trying. And sometimes it just feels like they’re making heroic efforts in that direction. What in hell silliness will crop up next? I don’t even like to speculate.

For the record, I admit I hate this book. Doesn’t matter to me that millions of people love the wretched thing, I do not. Millions of people also love Cocoa-Puffs and Ovaltine, apparently, but not me — if you don’t find that crap a mortal insult to chocolate, you should trade in your taste buds, immediately. The movie sucks too, all four fucking hours of it. I loathe the monstrously selfish, shallow spoiled-brat central character, and I despise the blatant pro-slavery, pro-Confederate bias of the thing. Personally, I still kind of wish Sherman could have nuked the South while he was at it! Okay folks, that’s hyperbole, I’m ** NOT ** building a time machine to accomplish any such atrocity. And … I shouldn’t give anyone ideas.)

But come on! Will banning a movie end hatred and suffering? Will blowing up a statue change hearts and minds? Does burning books kill stupidity? No such luck! Even so, I’m almost tempted to wish both book and movie could be banned. And I am utterly opposed to censorship. Why are the same folks who lie awake at night dreaming up new ways to oppress others so terrified of being persecuted themselves? Guilt? Nah, probably not. They have “all the truth”, don’t forget. Obviously. Get a grip, people! Life is short, so please try worrying about REAL stuff for a change!


Conservatives Rush To Buy ‘Gone With The Wind’ For Fear It Will Be Banned

Crooks and Liars | 6/29/15 7:00am

reposted from Liberaland

A Lou Lumenick column in the New York Post made paranoid people even more paranoid with no justification whatsoever.


block quote

As of 9 a.m. Friday, “Gone With the Wind” was the overall best-selling Blu-ray feature film on Amazon’s US website… It seems a lot of people who ran to Amazon’s virtual store are actually afraid that the film will be banned or pulled from circulation due to my column.

block quote end



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13 Responses to Gone With the Wind? If Only!

  1. Linda, I completely understand your opinion of GWTW. It gratuitously revels in Southern white sentimentality. Although, I saw deeper subtlety in the morality presented in the film. I saw a detached, objective mockery of the plantation culture. I also saw the character of Rhett Butler confront both the delusional bravado of secessionists, as well as the egocentricity of white privilege. But, that’s just my opinion. In any case, such a film probably couldn’t be made today.

    • Robert, You’re right, I know that! But do you think that’s what most people take from the film? I wonder. The rational, unsentimental view is there to be sure, but the maudlin self-justification of a brutal, depraved social and economic system is what jumps out at us. And truth is far less appealing to us than fairy tales, all too often. Or maybe I lack sufficient faith in people today? I’ll try harder! And thanks for your thoughtful comment — as always, you remind me how foolish I am when I get bitchy! – Linda

      • No, no, you’re not being foolish or bitchy. Your perspective is very understandable and quite common. As I said before, a film like GWTW probably couldn’t be made today for precisely the reasons you stated. Perhaps because I’m older, the moral subtlety of that era (when the film was made) resonates with me a little more. I don’t know.

        • ‘Moral subtlety’ is not what we expect, or get, from Hollywood these days! I don’t suppose subtlety would add much to the bottom line … for all those bottom-feeders.
          I still think Rhett Butler’s voice of reason is badly outnumbered by all the delusional characters in GWTW. But that would be realistic, wouldn’t it? We mostly live on myths, not truth. Hope we survive long enough to grow up, just a little!

  2. What a hilarious (or worrying, sad?) story, reminiscent of Orson Welles and the Martians… What can one say.. maybe “you know you’re a redneck…” Astounding. Philosophical analysis is difficult for understanding why the thought processes of some of the people who rushed to buy the “soon to be banned” movie will remain with them until the day they die. Some will perceive the story as trivial and humorous, but it’s actually very important.

    • Jerry, Yes, indeed! Should we laugh or cry? And where ARE those martians when we could maybe use them? With all the real threats to our freedom of thought, to our very survival on the planet … this is what folks choose to focus on? Swallowing camels (or fracking fluid and GMO food, but fearing the loss of (with apologies to Robert) an interminable book and Hollywood film!
      No surprise – folks only seem concerned about the movie, NOT the novel! Is there a Twitter version yet, for our attention-span-challenged friends and neighbors? It’ll happen!

      Thanks for your good comment, and I’ll try to stop snarling, mostly. – Linda

  3. sojourner says:

    I never could stand the movie, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to read the book!

    In fact, I would go this far, Frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn for you or the movie you’re in!

    • Thanks Sojourner — I so wanted to work in a paraphrase along those lines, but was trying to get this posted between thunderstorms and let it go.
      Don’t tell my friend Karen, but it took me 3 or 4 attempts to plow through the damn book, and I never felt it was worth the time. Same with the movie. You can find something of value in most things, but why not start with more promising material? Clearly, patience isn’t my best thing! Thanks for your comment. – Linda

      • sojourner says:

        “…patience isn’t my best thing!” I’m completely devoid!;-)

        • I kid myself that I do have SOME … but possibly not. I like a line from somewhere –
          Why is patience a virtue? Why can’t ‘hurry the fuck up!’ be a virtue?
          Or there’s Carrie Fisher –
          “Instant gratification takes too long!”

          • sojourner says:

            My parents’ mantra, “Patience is a virtue!” I grew to despise this declarative!

            But here is the winner:

            “Instant gratification takes too long!”


  4. I guess that’s what I need to get people to buy my books – to have them ban. I tried really hard to get my 2nd book banned in the South for talking about teen pregnancy and abortion. I thought I had a really great strategy – sending it to all the Southern school libraries and librarians I could find on line. I would have been deliriously happy for a small book burning. But it was all to no available.

    • I could ban your books from my blog … but I’m not sure that would help much. But you might try marketing them in the South again now — the level of fear and ignorance seem higher every day. And, sadly, it’s not confined to the South by any means!
      Good luck, and thanks for commenting. – Linda

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