Now Fear This

Who are America’s enemies anyway? Who truly threatens our national security and survival? Who is our government more than ready and willing to defend us from? Brace yourselves for a shock folks — it’s me!

Hard to believe, right? I’m pretty surprised too! I always sort of thought I was reasonably okay, most of the time. Just a simple Croc-clad midwestern girl, harmless as the day is long. Dogs, cats, and toddlers seem to like me well enough. No one runs screaming from a room when I walk in. Parents don’t scoop their children from the playground if I stroll past. Even the squirrels who bury treasures in my planters and picnic on my porch seem completely unafraid of me. And I have threatened to shoot THEM, more than once.

But apparently that’s not the real me, not at all. Turns out, any time I sign a petition, whenever I boycott a harmful product or oppose a polluting industry, each time I contact my elected representatives, every time I join a peaceful protest of things I feel should be changed, if I say or do most anything in pursuit of what I view as my patriotic duty to seek peace and justice, I pose a real and present danger to the power structure of my country, to corporate capitalism, to all the faceless entities who run the world.

Sure, that all sounds nutty! But … Why else go to such absurd lengths to keep track of everything I’m doing? Why else are their own efforts such a big fucking secret? Why else put so much money and effort into weapons and prisons, to use on the likes of me? I must be one formidable foe!

Imagine that. Little old me — the fearsome enemy of the status quo! And maybe … little old YOU as well? — hey, you’re reading this, so you’re clearly not to be trusted either! So … as long as they’re after us anyway … why don’t we give ‘them’ a really good reason to be afraid? Pitchforks ready … set … here we come …


Militarizing Ourselves Toward a New Dark Age

Common Dreams * Thursday, May 14, 2015

by Robert C. Koehler

“What struck me” journalist Christian Parenti said in a recent Truthout interview, referring to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, “was the fact that these local towns and states around the region were sending the only resources they had to New Orleans: weapons and militarized gear.

“After 30 years of the War on Drugs and a neoliberal restructuring of the state at the local level, which is not a reduction of the public sector but a transformation of the public sector, the only thing local governments had were weapons.”

Parenti’s observation summed up a deep sense of puzzled frustration I’ve been feeling for a long time, which has been growing in intensity since the Reagan era and even more so since 9/11 and the unleashed Bush agenda. Fear, exploited and unchecked, triggers a deep, “rational” insanity. We’re driving ourselves into a new Dark Age.

The driving force is institutional: government, the mainstream media, the military-industrial economy. These entities are converging in a lockstep, armed obsession over various enemies of the status quo in which they hold enormous power; and this obsession is devolving public consciousness into a permanent fight-or-flight mentality. Instead of dealing with real, complex social issues with compassion and intelligence, our major institutions seem to be fortifying themselves – with ever-increasing futility – against their imagined demons.

Parenti went on, in his interview with Vincent Emanuele: “So, less money for public housing, more money for private prisons. It’s a literal transfer of resources to different institutions, from a flawed social democratic institution like public housing, to an inherently evil, but still very expensive and publicly funded institution, like prison.”

As American society militarizes, it dumbs itself down.

The only surprising aspect to a recent story in the U.S. edition of The Guardian, for instance – about how the Houston office of the FBI broke its own rules in beginning an investigation of opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline – was how unsurprising it was.

In essence, the FBI office violated the department’s internal rules – “designed,” according to The Guardian, “to prevent the agency from becoming unduly involved in sensitive political issues” – by beginning a surveillance operation against anti-pipeline activists without receiving high-level approval to do so. Furthermore, “the investigation was opened in early 2013, several months after a high-level strategy meeting between the agency and TransCanada, the company building the pipeline,” The Guardian reported.

“… At one point, the FBI’s Houston office said it would share with TransCanada ‘any pertinent intelligence regarding any threats’ to the company in advance of a forthcoming protest.”

Perhaps the only surprising thing about this revelation is that the agency has internal rules designed to keep its nose out of sensitive political issues. Obviously, they’re easily circumvented. What’s not surprising is the corporate-FBI alliance to stand tough against “environmental extremists” or the agency’s lumping of environmental protests with other “domestic terrorism issues” – its pathological fear, in other words, of peaceful protest and civil disobedience and its inability to see the least bit of patriotic value in their cause.

This is the case despite the long, honored tradition of protest and civil disobedience in the United States and the widespread public awareness of the need to protect our environment. Doesn’t matter. In the realm of law enforcement, a simple moralism too often prevails: Get the enemy.

Imagine, just for a moment, an American law enforcement institution that operated out of an emotional state other than armed self-righteousness; that regarded the security it was established to protect as a complex matter that required cooperation and fairness and was ill-served by intimidation. Imagine a law enforcement institution capable of learning from past wrongs and not automatically donning riot gear in the face of every challenge to social conditions – and not automatically manning the firehoses.

What I see our powerful, status-quo institutions doing is arming themselves against the future. Consider the enemies: poor people, immigrants, protesters of all sorts . . . whistleblowers.

“A federal court in Alexandria, Virginia sentenced former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling to three and a half years in prison on Monday in a case that has received widespread condemnation for revealing the ‘rank hypocrisy’ of the U.S. government’s war on whistleblowers,” Common Dreams reported.

Sterling was convicted, on circumstantial evidence, of leaking classified info to New York Times journalist James Risen about a bizarre CIA operation called Operation Merlin. If true, Sterling committed the crime of embarrassing the U.S. government by outing an ill-conceived CIA plan to pass flawed information about nuclear-weapon design to Iran, which may actually have furthered Iran’s weapons program. The government has no right to hide its operations – and certainly not its mistakes – from the public. By pretending that it’s defending “our” security by doing so, even as it ignores and fails to invest in true measures of security, such as a rebuilt social safety net, it squanders its legitimacy.

And the more legitimacy it squanders, the more it militarizes.


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21 Responses to Now Fear This

  1. And I thought it was just me! I couldn’t even comment on my own blog. When I hit the comment button, I was exited clean on up out of WordPress. When someone blogged my post, the usual email that I get, never showed up and neither did the reblog show up in the comments section. I cannot count the numbers of times that I have seen this: “Page can’t be viewed. You are not connected to the internet.” Not to mention that some of my new posts don’t even show up on my tracker even though I am of course, following my own damn blog. Coincidences? Glitches? Or is my tin foil hat on too tight?

    • Shelby, It does make you wonder! In my case, I always assume it’s just my ignorance and old software or something. But now … hmmm. You’re obviously more competent than I am! Maybe WordPress is just having growing pains? I note that the Youtube link didn’t embed here — not the first time that’s happened either. It’s not a great song, so at this point I won’t try to sneak it through the so-simple? ‘add media’ routine. Sigh. It’s been fun, until now. So … we’ll see what happens! Thanks for all your kind words and support! – Linda

  2. sojourner says:

    Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II and commented:
    Take the following and let it sink in deep!

  3. sojourner says:

    Excellent, Linda!

    • Thanks for your kind words and reblog, Sojourner. Even when things look bleak (and we know they surely do!) it is good to ask why our elites, with unimaginable power and resources at their command, do clearly pay attention to us little folk — even if it’s only analogous to the way we try to maintain our intestinal fauna and flora so they won’t make us uncomfortable or interfere with our plans. So … any ideas for causing corporate capital a little indigestion? Again, thank you for your support! – Linda

      • sojourner says:

        “…any ideas for causing corporate capital a little indigestion?”

        Yes, let’s keep jabbing at them relentlessly, and of course, refuse to play their sordid games as much as possible! But you already know this!

        We little folk evidently have more power than we have been programmed to believe, and thus we are a threat to the powers that be. Otherwise, they would pay no attention to us at all. They would roll over us like we do not exist.

        Great post, Linda!

  4. swo8 says:

    It is when the people become the enemy that government is out of whack.

  5. I think they have good reason to be fearful of us. Recent studies show that dissident social media sites get far more page views than mainstream corporate media sites. They know our psychological programming is starting to wear off. They also know we have goo reason to be angry with them.

    • Angry and then some, hell yes! But I doubt their fear has any tinge of guilt behind it. It’s weird, but rather than feeling shame, people often hate those they have treated like shit. Or so it seems to me — part of why racists are so vicious.

      And I devoutly hope our conditioning is wearing off, far enough and soon enough! We’ve let the bastards get quite a head start on us. Thanks for your comment! – Linda

  6. wolfess says:

    Back in the dark ages in a past life what I always said about attention was that I didn’t care if it was positive or negative just. as. long. as. I. got. ATTENSHUN! If I’m being watched, more power to them, they’re just giving me what I crave! 🙂

    Pwr 2 the WATCHED peons!

    • Why not? Constant surveillance must be almost as much fun as being hounded by the paparazzi after all. As long as we’re reasonably careful when and where we … pick our noses, it’s all good. Thanks for your comment, and for keeping that guillotine properly rigged and ready to drop as needed! – Linda

      • wolfess says:

        “Thanks for your comment, and for keeping that guillotine properly rigged and ready to drop as needed!”
        And could it please be soon as I am soooo beyond sick of the crimes being perpetrated against the peons by the narcissistic hoarding dregs?! 🙂 Oh and, I always try to pick my nose directly in front of my laptop so the nsa has a very clear shot of what my nose contains!

        • Most considerate of you — otherwise they’d just have to hack your medical records to check on your health. Then again, they deeply care about us, so may do that anyway.

  7. DICooper says:

    The United States of America versus their citizenry seems to be a new theme for me. Something just isn’t right in the “land of the free,” anymore.

    • U.S. v. us in fact? That’s how it feels, certainly. And we the people look like the underdog in this match. Wish ‘us’ luck, and the strength and solidarity we absolutely need for even a fighting chance in this struggle. Thank you very much for your visit and comment. – Linda

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