They’re All Working Hard … for Us?

“If money be not thy servant, it will be thy master.” –Francis Bacon

So now I’m wondering … what else will these honorable folks do, for a little money? Or for a lot? I’m afraid we’ll find out.


These 48 Senators Voted To Deny Climate Change
Crooks and Liars * 1/22/2015 9:52pm
by Karoli
Democrats finally got their vote on an amendment to the Keystone XL bill forcing Senators to go on record as to whether they believe global warming is human-caused or not. Here’s the list of deniers, all Republicans.
Barrasso, John (R – WY)
Blunt, Roy (R – MO)
Boozman, John (R – AR)
Burr, Richard (R – NC)
Capito, Shelley Moore (R – WV)
Cassidy, Bill (R – LA)
Coats, Daniel (R – IN)
Cochran, Thad (R – MS)
Corker, Bob (R – TN)
Cornyn, John (R – TX)
Cotton, Tom (R – AR)
Crapo, Mike (R – ID)
Cruz, Ted (R – TX)
Daines, Steve (R – MT)
Enzi, Michael B. (R – WY)
Ernst, Joni (R – IA)
Fischer, Deb (R – NE)
Flake, Jeff (R – AZ)
Gardner, Cory (R – CO)
Grassley, Chuck (R – IA)
Hatch, Orrin G. (R – UT)
Heller, Dean (R – NV)
Hoeven, John (R – ND)
Inhofe, James M. (R – OK)
Isakson, Johnny (R – GA)
Johnson, Ron (R – WI)
Lankford, James (R – OK)
Lee, Mike (R – UT)
McCain, John (R – AZ)
McConnell, Mitch (R – KY)
Moran, Jerry (R – KS)
Murkowski, Lisa (R – AK)
Paul, Rand (R – KY)
Perdue, David (R – GA)
Portman, Rob (R – OH)
Risch, James E. (R – ID)
Roberts, Pat (R – KS)
Rounds, Mike (R – SD)
Rubio, Marco (R – FL)
Sasse, Ben (R – NE)
Scott, Tim (R – SC)
Sessions, Jeff (R – AL)
Shelby, Richard C. (R – AL)
Sullivan, Daniel (R – AK)
Thune, John (R – SD)
Tillis, Thom (R – NC)
Toomey, Patrick J. (R – PA)
Vitter, David (R – LA)
Wicker, Roger F. (R – MS)
Here’s how Republicans spun it:
block quote
One Senate GOP aide questioned why Democrats were “trying to embarrass Republicans on climate” rather than offering substantive proposals, such as the Whitehouse’s proposed carbon tax or a version of their party’s failed cap-and-trade emissions legislation.
“Democrats are stuck in messaging mode,” the aide said.
Still, even the inclusion of phrasing that humans were “significantly” responsible for climate change drew some Republican votes, despite the plea from Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski that the inclusion of that word merited voting the measure down. Those five Republicans were Sens. Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), Susan Collins (Maine), Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and Mark Kirk (Ill.).
“It’s okay with me if they do messaging if it makes them feel better,” Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who voted for the GOP proposal that humans affect the climate, said in an interview before the votes. As for global warming, he added: “I don’t think anybody disputes that it’s real. The question is what you do about it.”
block quote end
No one is trying to embarrass anyone. We’re just getting the record clear on who believes in science and who believes in Koch. Now we know.


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5 Responses to They’re All Working Hard … for Us?

  1. Republicans don’t need Democrats to embarrass themselves. They do a great job of that all on their own!

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