How Dare We

“The ability to ignore unwanted facts is one of the prerogatives of unchallenged power.” –Noam Chomsky

Domination means never saying you’re sorry? Well, duh, obviously, these fine frackers are not sorry or ashamed of a damned thing. Might and money justify everything they do. I guess. And what are these uppity folks in Denton thinking? We mere citizens should know better than try to thwart our betters. “Justice will prevail”? I hope so, but in Texas? … GMO pigs may fly first.

Maybe these days poor folks ain’t got a chance unless we can … DIS-organize the powers that be. Failing that, how would you (just hypothetically) go about spiking a fracking rig?


Industry Lashes Out With Lawsuit Hours After Landmark Fracking Ban
Common Dreams * Wednesday, November 05, 2014
by Andrea Germanos, staff writer
The oil and gas industry wasted no time in filing a legal challenge to the fracking ban voters just passed in Denton, Texas. Mere hours after voters in Denton made history by enacting the state’s first ban on fracking, the oil and gas industry has challenged that move with a lawsuit.
Supporters say the ban, which passed with the support of nearly 59 percent of voters, said it was necessary to protect the city from the polluting and dangerous process.
But the Texas Oil and Gas Association (TXOGA) announced Wednesday that it was filing an injunction, charging that the ban “is inconsistent with state law and therefore violates the Texas Constitution.”
A statement from attorney Thomas Phillips, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas and a partner with the firm representing TXOGA, reads, in part: “While home-rule cities like Denton may certainly regulate some aspects of exploration and drilling, TXOGA does not believe that they may enact ordinances that outlaw conduct, like hydraulic fracturing, that has been approved and regulated by state agencies.”
According to reporting by the Wall Street Journal, the suit was filed minutes after the courthouse opened.
The lawsuit comes as no surprise to the Denton Drilling Awareness Group and Frack Free Denton, which had advocated for the ban.
The oil and gas industry has “apparently learned nothing from last night’s landslide vote,” the groups said in a statement. “They have taken no time to reflect on their own irresponsible actions that brought the people of Denton to this point. Industry could have taken this moment to address why the ban was passed. Instead they’re going to try to squash it. ”
“If justice prevails, and we think it will, they will lose,” the groups state.
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*** Update ***

“… and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

That still sounds good. Been a few changes since 1863 though. How could Lincoln have guessed that by now the “people” the government takes care of would be defined as corporations, and just about nobody else? Does that mean our Civil War dead, among others, did die in vain?


Texas Officials To Denton Residents: Take Your Fracking Ban And Shove It
Crooks and Liars * November 10, 2014 4:00 pm
By karoli
After the city of Denton passed a fracking ban, Rick Perry’s appointed oil industry toadies are ignoring it.
One of the bright spots in last Tuesday’s election results was the fracking ban imposed in Denton, Texas by the voters there. Who would have thought a Texas city would be one of the first to pass a fracking ban?
This sets up a huge battle between the city of Denton and state authorities, who claim they have the right to issue permits for fracking regardless of the city’s choice to ban fracking activity.
ThinkProgress reports:
block quote
Texas Railroad Commission Chairwoman Christi Craddick told the Dallas Morning News that she would continue giving permits to oil and gas companies seeking to frack in Denton. Craddick asserted she could override the ban because Denton does not have authority over drilling activity in the state.
“It’s my job to give permits, not Denton’s,” Craddick said. “We’re going to continue permitting up there because that’s my job.”
block quote end
Laughably, Craddick went on to fault the “lack of education” about the fracking process as the reason for the ban. As ThinkProgress notes, the oil companies threw lots of money at Denton residents for that so-called “education.”
block quote
However, education from the oil and gas industry seemed prolific in Denton in the months leading up to the vote. Indeed, the Dallas Morning News reported that the fracking ban represented the most expensive political campaign in Denton’s history, and most of the money came from the oil and gas industry.
Specifically, Dallas News reported that major oil and gas companies like Chevron, Enervest and XTO donated a combined $685,000 to influence the debate over the fracking ban, while environmentalists contributed about $24,000.
block quote end
Looks like the oil companies couldn’t get Denton’s residents to disbelieve their lyin’ eyes. It is rather difficult when you’re looking at the flammable water coming out of your tap while Chevron insists everything is just fine!
The larger question is one worth considering. Should cities have any control at all over what activities take place within their city limits, or should states trump whatever laws they might pass?


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4 Responses to How Dare We

  1. Sometimes the only way you can stop those frackers is to lie in the road to block the enormous trucks they use to bring in the equipment they use to build the rigs. And if that fails to get some C-4 and blow the bloody things up.

    A court ruling doesn’t mean shit in the face of that kind of opposition.

    • It will be interesting to see if enough of us have the smarts, determination and commitment to stop fracking, among so many assaults on our survival. Even knowing that, if we fail, the water contamination and extreme warming this total war on the planet will bring will kill who knows how many of us, may still not FEEL enough of an immediate threat to motivate us to fight this corporate takeover. Sad if we won’t even try, no matter that it looks quite a longshot. Thanks for commenting. – Linda

  2. The people of Denton have every right to ban fracking, just as every city in America. has more information, and it wouldn’t surprise if people from Denton applied their strategies.

    • I question the motives behind such laws as currently formulated, but if we can “stand our ground” when someone threatens our lives, even to the extent of justifying killing them, then we can certainly defend ourselves from this industry that may well pose a mortal threat to our drinking water, our health, the world’s climate, and the stability of the very ground we stand on! Impeding our efforts to reign in heedless, predatory corporate juggernauts may well have been the main reason for pushing the howling insult of “corporate personhood” so hard. Thanks for your comment, and for the interesting anti-fracking link — given in full below. – Linda

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