Faith-Based Fatuity

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not always sure about the universe.” –Albert Einstein

Wish I thought they just made this up. What does it say about our world when a grotesque story like this pretty much counts as comic relief from the “real” news? It’s absolutely not funny, even to my warped sense of humor. Makes me want to pound my head on something.

Could shit like this explain why all those pharmaceuticals come with warnings about operating heavy equipment while we’re under the influence?

Hell and damn. Now I think of it, my mother (a woman who can no longer read without a 5-power magnifier, but adamantly insists she could still drive perfectly well!) recently said she wants the song mentioned here played at her funeral. Time to double-check that all her car keys are still well-hidden.


Driver Says God Told Her He’d Take The Wheel. She Then Hits Biker, Runs Him Over
Crooks and Liars * July 23, 2014 5:12 am
By Susie Madrak
Maybe it wasn’t really God.
It’s possible she simply misunderstood, what with the Vicodin and all. Either that, or she’s listening to Carrie Underwood:

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (CBS Cleveland) – Usually when someone says “Jesus take the wheel” it’s meant to help them through a rough patch in life.
But police say an Indiana woman took the phrase literally on Jul 11th, when she took her hands off the steering wheel as she was driving.
The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette reports 25-year-old Prionda Hill told authorities she let go of the wheel because “God told her he would take it from here.”
Unfortunately for Anthony Olivery, her car veered off the road and slammed into his motorcycle, throwing him to the ground. Then the car ran over him.
“When I looked at that bumper and looked at that tire, I told myself, today is the day you die,” he told the paper.
The accident broke all of Olivery’s ribs on his left side, cut his spleen, bruised his kidney and caused severe injuries to his left arm and leg.
Hill kept on going, according to court records, hitting a pickup truck twice and only stopping when her car crashed into an island between two fast food restaurants several blocks away from where she struck Olivery. Officials say she told officers she had a prescription for Vicodin.


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4 Responses to Faith-Based Fatuity

  1. I’m speechless! Einstein was right.

    • Robert, It’s rarely wise to bet against Einstein. Know what’s scary? I hope to hell I don’t know anyone clueless enough to pull such a stunt. But … I might know more than one. Thanks for your comment! – Linda

  2. Sounds to me like it was the Devil pretending to be Jesus. He does that a lot.

    • I never thought of it! That rascally devil must be a lot like the imaginary twin I had when I was four. She was always doing things I got blamed for. Thanks for your comment. – Linda

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