2 Responses to Once Must Not Be Enough

  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    When I was younger, I lived near Gettysburg, PA, for a time. There is a big Civil War reenactment subculture in the area. I never got into the whole scene. I will say they took it very seriously…every detail from costumes to dialects. I’m sure there’s some people that wish war came with instant replays.

    • Jeff, Instant battle replays? Oh yeah, those would catch on, I’m afraid. Hell, that could eclipse Duck Dynasty in a heartbeat. I smell a Kickstarter project for someone…

      Me, I still don’t get the appeal of re-enactments. But people, for Vietnam War realism, Oregon just won’t cut it. Louisiana bayou country, maybe. NOT the Pacific Northwest. We seriously need decent geography education in this country! Thanks for another good comment. – Linda

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