Maybe It’s Me

“Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.” –Friedrich von Schiller

Is the moon full now? On most days, current news headlines just seem sad and discouraging to me. These are also sad. And discouraging too. But somehow the ironies are what have hit me in the face today. Or do I mean absurdities? Probably both.

This one is both pathetic and ridiculous. What the hell will people do next?

Retired cop guns down man for texting at Florida movie: sheriff – U.S. News

Cognitive dissonance time? Atheism is by definition not a religion. Therefore, logically, how can you grant ‘religious asylum’ to atheists … But who am I kidding? With humans, there ain’t no such thing as logic in the game!

Atheist Afghan granted religious asylum in UK

And here’s the truly bizarre piece. It makes me wonder if Pat Robertson has a twin. Or a love-child? But probably not — Pat was barely 16 when Zhirinovsky was born. His Liberal Democratic Party of Russia polled 12.5 percent in the 2011 Duma elections. And we think we have extreme politics.

Political party LDPR – Wikipedia article

Lib Dem leader urges limits on party comrades’ sex lives / Published time: January 14, 2014 09:34
After last year’s bans on alcohol and tobacco, as well as a strong urge for vegetarian diet in the Liberal Democratic Party, its leader announced that he would prefer the party members not copulate more than three to four times a year.
Sixty-seven-year-old Vladimir Zhirinovsky made this statement on Tuesday as the State Duma gathered for the first session of the New Year. He explained that under influence of pornography and “frivolous” movies, the younger generation was developing the misapprehension that the more frequent sex is, the better. The politician insisted that the contrary approach was right.
“The less often the better. And only under condition of mutual sympathy. Once a quarter should be standard – three or four times a year is enough,” Zhirinovsky stated.
Zhirinovsky also called for the parliamentarians to discuss the possibility of a ban on the depiction of alcohol and tobacco consumption in Russian movies. He went on to suggest a prohibition on the exhibition of existing films containing such scenes, in particular the popular Soviet-era comedy ‘The Irony of Fate’, the plot of which is based on a drunken confusion that leads to a happy ending.
In December last year, Zhirinovsky put his party name in the headlines by announcing that all of its members would soon abandon meat and become vegetarians. The decision was based on positive experiences in foreign countries such as Norway, the politician said, adding that he personally had already been a vegetarian for many years.
Vladimir Zhirinovsky entered Russian politics in the very beginning of its modern phase –the Liberal Democratic Party was founded in 1989 as the only opposition party in the Soviet Union and re-registered as the LDPR in 1991, after the foundation of the new state of the Russian Federation.
From the very beginning the party was known for its controversial nationalist and rightist rhetoric, apparently aimed at the broader masses. In time, Zhirinovsky had to use more provocative strategies to remain at the center of attention and eventually he came to promises of free vodka and ‘a man for every woman’, as well as simply handing out banknotes during his campaign tours.
One of the latest scandals involving Zhirinovsky took place in the end of last year when during a televised talk show he suggested the authorities tackle the threat of terrorism by imposing a curfew and birth control in the predominantly Muslim regions of Northern Caucasus.
The statement caused an outcry from mass media and regional officials, such as heads of the North Caucasus republics of Chechnya and Karachay-Circassia. Zhirinovsky had to come up with explanations, and played down the statement slightly, saying that what he offered was just one, most radical solution of an acute problem.


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I'm pretty ordinary, so I find any number of things in the world interesting, among them: books, music, flowers, food, social justice, politics and (sometimes!) people. As for my writing, I've decided that I can be subtle and tasteful when our only problems are esthetic ones. Or when I'm dead, whichever comes first. In the meantime, read at your own risk.
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8 Responses to Maybe It’s Me

  1. Well, to be fair to the ‘ex-lawman who gunned a man down for texting during a movie’, there is a PSA before the movie requesting that all cellphones be turned off so as not to deny others the pleasure of watching the movie, but on the other hand, I don’t think the purpose behind that public service announcement was to initiate gun violence if the PSA was not adhered to. That was ‘overkill'(no pun intended) in MY book.

    “Atheist Afghan granted religious asylum in UK”

    Hmmm…that one, I’m not quite sure how to respond, but I shall try. Recently, there has been some talk about how atheists or atheism are actually a different type of ‘religious’ sect, meaning they don’t believe in the ‘conventional’ god’ that ‘christians believe in and have instead decided that that in and of itself should be considered a ‘religion’. I mean, can’t we each have our own ‘non’ religion religion? For argument’s sake,let’s say that I’m an atheist, why should I not have atheism considered to be a ‘religion’, the religion of non-belief in the ‘christian’s’ religion? My religion is to religiously deny the ‘christian’s’ religion, now THAT is a religion that I could get behind! LOL! Actually, I do! I ‘religiously’ do not believe in the ‘christian’s’ ‘religion. Damn! That’s a helluva lot of religion!

    Now, this dude, ‘Vladimir Zhirinovsky’ is quite obviously in serious need of some psychoanalysis and with that being the case, I suggest that we call in our dear, retired psychologist Dr. StuartBramhall to give us the inside scoop ‘inside’ Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s head. I could of course give you MY diagnosis, but since I’m not trained in the field, it’s just mere speculation, but I have concluded that the man is just an insane, attention seeking whore.

    As for the next full moon, according to my calendar, that would be on January 16th, so we are already seeing the effects. Expect things to only get worse from this point. Linda, I suggest that you have a nice, relaxing glass of white wine tonight, no red wine as that can irritate and upset the blood vessels in the head, causing migraines or other headaches. And since I am equally exasperated, I shall be inserting a hose into my mouth with the other end inserted into a 1.5liter champagne flute. Cheers!

    • Worse? WORSE?? Shelby, don’t tell me these things! I’m not sure … not sure I’m up to even more silliness and stupidity. Not just now. Sigh. No wonder I get the urge to hibernate this time of year. Wake me up when it’s sane out there! I know — that could be a hell of a nap.

      And I do know they’re calling atheism a “religion” — one of my neighbors accuses me of being a convert. But I still find it a contradiction in terms. And personally, I don’t give a shit either way — is there a god, are there trillions of ’em, or none? I lose sleep over things, but not that. Music comes much closer to being my religion, or my drug of choice. Or I could be a latent Druid; I do like trees.

      But I do have a sneaking sympathy for the Florida gunman. Though I’m not sure I’d take a man out just for texting. Talking through the movie, and telling everyone what’s coming in the next scene? Now THAT! could be hazardous to anyone’s health! And rightly so — in any sane universe, it should be a capital offense.

      The more I think about it, the better that winter-long siesta sounds … And after that volume of champagne, you may be ready to join me. Sweet dreams! – Linda

  2. tubularsock says:

    Well, Linda ……… you’ll have to rule out the full moon theory. It is on its way however. But really, it is all in the way one looks at all this.

    For example ……. texting IS annoying. What Tubularsock thought interesting was that this happened before the movie “Lone Survivor”. And the guy didn’t.

    And the religious asylum for atheists is just a sign that NO GOD is a GOD. Which is as logical as believing in one.

    As for the Liberal Democratic Party in Russia it is what happens when you turn toward vegetarianism. Tubularsock has always had a fear of vegetables and that fear has proven itself in this case.

    First the meat goes then the alcohol and tobacco and then the sex. This then leads one to a belief in atheism and then one shoots a texter.

    Have faith, it’s down hill from here.

    • Tubularsock, now I am getting seriously scared. Because you seem to be making sense!

      But you also remind me of my favorite er, corny vegetarian jokes –

      Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?

      If vegetarians eat vegetables … what do humanitarians eat?

      Food for thought, so to speak. – Linda

  3. tubularsock says:

    OMG ………. go to the emergency psychiatric ward immediately! Tubularsock is making sense to you? Major delusionary thinking! Take two aspirin and call me in the morning!

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