Buddy Can You Spare a Dime – I Mean, a Billion

“Nothing is more admirable than the fortitude with which millionaires tolerate the disadvantages of their wealth.” –Rex Stout

“Money doesn’t always bring happiness. People with ten million dollars are no happier than people with nine million dollars.” –Hobart Brown

“If all the rich people in the world divided up their money among themselves, there wouldn’t be enough to go around.” –Christina Stead

Oh lord, please don’t let us be misunderstood! Ordinary people clearly have no idea what it’s like to be rich — they seem to think it’s easy, and painless. Nothing could be farther from the truth. How we envy the carefree lives of the poor! Between estate planning, managing our vast investments, serving on those irksome corporate boards, and fitting in public relations appearances in support of some inane charities or so-called worthy causes, we barely have time to catch our breaths. And we never have a moment’s privacy; what with all the personal assistants, servants, and those much-needed but unsavory security personnel, it’s hard to find even a moment’s solitude for picking our noses! Imagine — but of course, you really can’t.

People believe we are all mindless hedonists, always playing with our big shiny toys, and hopping from one vacation spot to the next. Not a bit of it! We desperately need a little time off just to relieve the horrible stress, the constant worry of keeping and increasing our wealth, and keeping all the interfering governments off our necks. Who do they think put them in power anyway?. There is no loyalty these days!And do you think it’s fun knowing that we are universally hated and resented? Try it sometime! Wait, no, forget we said that. It is our burden, and we mustn’t shirk, no matter how much we might love to.

And then there are all those troublesome poor people, so greedy and importunate. They seem to feel we owe them something. What a concept. We mean — we let them live, more or less. What the hell do they want? Justice? Equality? A living wage? Now that’s funny. Life is suffering after all — as who could possibly know any better than we long-suffering, much-maligned rich folks? Give us a break already!

Just look at what these comedians are yammering about now. Give away our hard-earned bonuses? To people we screwed over — er, people who were hurt in the recent economic difficulties? Oh, we don’t think so! Touch our money and die, suckers!


The Other 98% Urges Wall Street to Donate Bonuses to Financial Crisis Victims
Crooks and Liars / December 27, 2013 6:42 pm
By Diane Sweet

The Other 98% Urges Wall Street Execs to Donate $91 Billion in Bonuses to Victims of Financial Crisis.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 both hit record highs on Thursday while the NASDAQ surged to its highest level in over 13 years. The year-end rally is expected to add a boost to the massive bonuses Wall Street is preparing to hand out this year. The largest Wall Street firms have reportedly set aside more than $91 billion for year-end bonuses. In response, an activist group called The Other 98% has launched a petition calling on employees of Chase, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America to donate their bonuses to the 10 million Americans made homeless by the housing crisis. Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez are joined by Alexis Goldstein, a former computer programmer at Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank who later got involved with Occupy Wall Street and is now communications director at the group, The Other 98%.
A full transcript of the program is available here.

And to sign The Other 98% petition go here –


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I'm pretty ordinary, so I find any number of things in the world interesting, among them: books, music, flowers, food, social justice, politics and (sometimes!) people. As for my writing, I've decided that I can be subtle and tasteful when our only problems are esthetic ones. Or when I'm dead, whichever comes first. In the meantime, read at your own risk.
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16 Responses to Buddy Can You Spare a Dime – I Mean, a Billion

  1. On donating those bonuses, I truly hope that no one is holding their breath waiting for THAT to happen!

    ….and yes, the rich have it SO hard. Pity the ‘poor’ rich, yeah…right! I’m playing the world’s tiniest violin right now.
    Isn’t it something that Wall Street is making a killing and 1.3 million people lose their jobless benefits today? And the beat goes on.

    • Shelby, Indeed, they do take that ‘killing’ metaphor quite literally, wouldn’t you say? And still we are not in the streets with our staves and pitchforks. Maybe it’s me, just not realizing how good we’ve got it. Remind me, somebody, why ANYONE is entitled to a bonus for making people homeless! – Linda

      • Linda, it is quite apparent to me by now, that we’d rather step mindlessly down into the grave because we just might help someone else along the way if we decided to do what’s needed to be done and some of us, just can’t have that! We have been pitted against each other to the point that we’d rather die than join forces against those who would have us all, homeless, hungry and sick. And sadly, it has come to this.

  2. Here’s the link to the petition: http://other98.com/wall-street-give-your-bonuses-to-the-people-you-made-homeless/

    I signed and posted it it to my Facebook page.

    • Whoops. Thank you Stuart! I’m afraid it seemed such a quixotic gesture that I totally forgot to sign the petition – bad, cynical Linda! But I’ll sign it now … maybe twice. Vote early, vote often.

      Seriously, this shit makes Marie Antoinette look like Mother Theresa — something has to change. Thanks again for this link and reminder. I’ll also update this post and include the petition’s link. – Linda

      • I second that! Marie Antoinette would be welcomed and hailed as a ‘celebrity’ doncha know? Tubularsock wouldn’t know what to do as he would be torn between attempting to woo Kim Kartrashcan and Fifi Antoinette. Don’t tell him I said that though. Mums the word.

        • Shelby, I won’t breathe a word, I promise. But remember, Tubularsock’s declared himself a divinity of some kind — so no doubt he’s above any such sordid celebrity worship now.

          Unless … he’s become one of those Greco-Roman type gods, indistinguishable from your average randy rock star, who spends all his free time chasing women. No, no — he’d never do that.

          Well, probably not … Anyway, I won’t mention a thing. – Linda

          • tubularsock says:

            Shelby and Linda I know because of lack of respect for the religious order of things you may not realize that as TubePope the temptation between Kim Kartrashcan and Fifi Antoinette may actually be an issue. But you do recall that that was just part-time holiday employment.

            However as GodTube all that foolishness is off!

            The FACT that I know that you two are spreading disrespect about me only proves that like Santa Claus GodTube knows who is naughty and who is nice! And rest assured that both of your names have been entered in the BIG BOOK in the sky.

            Yet GodTube does have a “past” of sorts that few will admit. SOMEBODY got Mary pregnant don’t you know. And GodTube ain’t naming names but I’ve been known to play guitar much like “your average randy rock star”. Some have even said that I at times have even removed my G-string!

            None of this would have even had to be exposed if the Archangel Gabriel hadn’t opened his fucking big mouth and trumpeted it all over town! Damn that dude!

            • Tubularsock? er, your holiness? um, your omnipotence? Sorry, I’m having trouble keeping up with all the changes!Where’s the disrespect? I certainly meant none, at least not lately. If you notice, I said you were bound to be “above any such sordid celebrity worship now” thanks to your newfound or newly disclosed divine status.

              I did make a general observation after that concerning a certain style of god – and you must admit many gods don’t exactly live up to their job titles. But we know you won’t be like that. At the very least, with your crack PR firm’s help, even if you did have the occasional lapse, we’d never know a damned thing about it.

              And what’s past is past. Most of us have a few little things we wouldn’t like to see in the supermarket tabloids. I don’t know what went down way bakc when, and don’t need to know. As long as you don’t abuse your new position — bullying people, throwing your weight around, or making absurd promises — well hell, you’ll be as good a god as any of them.

              And I’m sure Shelby would say the same — she just enjoys ruffling your feathers. Seems like that’s something a god would need to get used to — you take center stage, you get hecklers.

              Anyway, happy new year, and best of luck with the new gig. – Linda

              • tubularsock says:

                No worries Linda, I’m usually called Your-Holiness-Omnipotent-One-Of-Grace-And-Form-For-Eternity-Plus-A-Day-And-A-Half-GodTube,Esq. But friends call me GodTube.

                These times move fast so keep up. Everything is in flux.

                Yes, you are correct (perhaps) that the disrespect was more in attempting to keep secrets that Shelby was expounding rather than you. But GodTube was just practicing the God-Type of the Old Testament, you know the God that would destroy the entire city and all of it’s people, yet be the “loving” God.

                Pretty much so far there really hasn’t been a lot to do being GodTube. I’ve tidied up a few prayers sent to my God P.O. Box and played Tarot Cards with Devil-Dan who cheats by the way. Other than that I’ve been resting this Sunday.

                GodTube really has no “feathers” to ruffle to tell you the truth. You may be getting me confused with Quetzalcoatl in feathered serpent form but that is not my style though we go to the same tailor.

                GodTube has to admit that Shelby is a great “heckler”. Probably because she continually carries a protest sign, even in her house! Oh well ………

                You too have a very happy new year and remember if you have faith in GodTube you don’t have a purpose for “luck”. Amen.

  3. Jeff Nguyen says:

    Most of us would just be happy if a moratorium was declared on any more foreclosures which is more realistic than expecting bonuses to be gifted. Fraud charges should be pursued against all lenders who participated in robo-signing foreclosure documentation. All hedge fund and private equity firms should be barred from buying up “distressed” properties for pennies on the dollar across the country. If we’re gonna dream and do petitions lets do it big.

    Thank you, Linda, for reminding us how hard the upper crust have it. Now it’s off to work I go…

    • Thanks for the ‘reality’ check Jeff, and for the Mother Jones link. [Which is at the end of the comments here, since I can’t figure out how to move the damn thing.] If we’re talking about what SHOULD be happening … well, a few low-level scapegoats being prosecuted, and token fines paid (with our money) while the perps keep on sailing smells nothing like justice to me. Nothing.

      Big-time finance sure must be fun, if you can live with yourself. You get to concoct and sell worthless ‘financial instruments’ for a lot of money. Then when they’re finally shown to be worthless, and cause a bunch of trouble, you get even more money to patch things up. People lose homes, jobs and businesses in all the turmoil. And you have money to buy stuff at fire-sale prices. And then you can start selling shit all over again. We now have ten million more homeless people? Not your problem. And it’s all more or less legal. Hard to see how criminals can stay in business at all against such competition.

      “Upper crust”? I tend to think of them as “scum”myself, it seems more apt, no matter which definition you choose. – Linda

      scum — noun.
      1. a layer of impure matter that forms on the surface of a liquid, often as the result of boiling or fermentation  
      2. the greenish film of algae and similar vegetation on the surface of a stagnant pond  
      3. dross , Also called: scruff  the skin of oxides or impurities on the surface of a molten metal  
      4. waste matter  
      5. a worthless person or group of people     

      — Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition
      2009 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins
      Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009

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