Now He Tells Us

Not all that much shocks me any more – which is sad, but another rant entirely. Even so, I am genuinely shocked that Dick Cheney, of all people, now says there was no connection between the 9/11 attacks and – wait for it – Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Not exactly a hot revelation there, dude, but I am astonished that this asshole would say it out loud. The truth? We rather assumed he was allergic to that. Don’t tell nobody nothin’ has always been his style. We might almost suspect the man has something, maybe everything?, to hide. So why this out-of-character admission now? Is he that confident that he and his cronies can’t or won’t be held accountable for all the flagrant, cynical, outrageous lies that helped launch our shameless illegal invasion? I wonder. Is it a dare? He wouldn’t have to say it twice, for me to haul out the guillotine. I’ve been saying for years that I’d even be willing to learn to knit, if only I could watch a few well-earned executions for treason and war crimes, and so I would!!! I’d prefer hangings, though, it would just seem more fitting somehow for all these damned warmongering cowboys and cowgirls.


About l. l. frederick

I'm pretty ordinary, so I find any number of things in the world interesting, among them: books, music, flowers, food, social justice, politics and (sometimes!) people. As for my writing, I've decided that I can be subtle and tasteful when our only problems are esthetic ones. Or when I'm dead, whichever comes first. In the meantime, read at your own risk.
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