The Shameless Patriots

So the CIA destroyed 92 tapes of detainee interrogations? If everything was so legal and aboveboard, why would they do that? Surely, if those "enhanced interrogations" were so necessary and productive, you’d want to document that fact. And wouldn’t the tapes contain important evidence for the prosecution of these dangerous terrorists? You’d need to keep that, too, one might think.

If we didn’t know better – for of course everyone involved here is an honorable patriot – we could almost get the idea that these bastards had something to hide. Like torture. Like the fact that they got squat by questioning prisoners. Like the fact that we had no justification for holding the vast majority of these people in the first place. And the truly sad part is, I wonder how many Americans will feel even slightly ashamed of all this. It’s getting damned hard to tell whether we are the new Romans, or the new barbarians. Either way, it looks as if we’re ushering in the new dark ages sometimes.

And sometimes, I’m tempted to say "so be it – we’ve earned it!" Trouble is, the whole world, and who knows how many generations, would also have to pay for our arrogance and stupidity, which doesn’t seem fair.



About l. l. frederick

I'm pretty ordinary, so I find any number of things in the world interesting, among them: books, music, flowers, food, social justice, politics and (sometimes!) people. As for my writing, I've decided that I can be subtle and tasteful when our only problems are esthetic ones. Or when I'm dead, whichever comes first. In the meantime, read at your own risk.
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